Distribution and Logistics in North Carolina

A distribution center like Guardian Logistics Solutions can help you improve cash flow, customer retention and operations efficiency. How? By shortening the “links” in your logistics chain.  We have the experience and capabilities to:

  • Pickup freight
  • Consolidate it at a single warehouse location
  • Palletize the freight
  • Store while awaiting outbound routing, etc.
  • Handle sub-assembly, packaging or re-packaging tasks
  • Deliver to commercial and residential destinations (including white glove)

In today’s marketplace, many retailers treat merchandise returns as individual, disjointed transactions. The challenge for retailers and vendors is to process returns at a proficiency level that allows quick, efficient and cost-effective collection and return of merchandise. Customer requirements facilitate demand for a high standard of service that includes accuracy and timeliness. It’s Guardian’s responsibility as your logistic company to shorten the link from return origination to the time of resell. By following returns management best practices, we—and therefore you, the retailer—can achieve a returns process that addresses both the operational and customer retention issues associated with merchandise returns.

With our large warehouse space and team of order processing and fulfillment staff, Guardian Logistics Solutions can provide a one stop shop to integrate returns into the supply chain process. Our routes provide complete coverage of North Carolina and portions of Virginia and South Carolina every day to pick up your returns, process them in our warehouse, and consolidate them to shipment outbound.

Reverse Logistics

By combining our pickup and delivery capabilities with our warehousing space and staff, Guardian Logistics Solutions can be your single source solution for managing your reverse logistics projects.

A typical trucking company has the capability to deliver your freight to a particular location or to pickup freight for outbound routing. Few trucking companies however, have the facilities and staff necessary to pickup freight, consolidate it at a single warehouse location, palletize the freight, and store it while awaiting outbound routing or further instructions. That’s reverse logistics and that’s what Guardian Logistics Solutions can do for you.

Sub Assembly

If you have needs for warehouse sub assembly work or assembling a finished product that’s ready for storage or delivery then we can provide qualified staff and space to meet your needs. Our full time staff can be augmented with part time or temporary labor to help you meet your deadlines.

If necessary we can hire temporary, skilled workers for packaging, repackaging, promotional displays, trade show booth assembly or most other light assembly tasks.

Special Projects

By taking a consultative approach with our customers we can bring the necessary resources to a special project or need that you may have. We can form installation teams, assembly line teams, multiple man deliveries and other teams for whatever special project you may have.

Guardian Logistics Solutions project managers will meet with you and your team to determine what your business challenges may be and then work with you to find the necessary resources needed for the job. Our philosophy has been that the more successful we can help you become, the more successful we will be.

For more information about how Guardian Logistics’ distribution center services can help your business grow, please contact us or for fastest service call: 919-246-8514.