Welcome to Logisticsville, where all the logistics-related services you need are just a phone call away! At Guardian Logistics Solutions, we understand that while Pickup and delivery, warehousing and order fulfillment are essential aspects of your business’ success and profitability, they shouldn’t pull you away from running your business. We believe in streamlining the details for our customers, delivering old-fashioned service supported by new technology. That’s why we also offer hard-to-find services like White Glove Delivery for both residential and commercial needs, and Pick-n-Pack order fulfillment.

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First mile/last mile pickup and delivery services.

Emphasizing specialized handling of freight:

  • dock and no-dock deliveries
  • white glove services for both residential and commercial
  • pool distribution
  • other specialized handling



Cost-efficient short- and long-term storage solutions for your inventory and freight.

Pay on an as-needed basis for whatever space you require, for as long as you require it, with NO long-term lease agreements.



Streamlined, time-saving, outsourced order processing services.

We’ll be your worry-free shipping and receiving department, managing inventory and providing full shipping/tracking information to you so customers can be up-to-date:

  1. You receive orders from your customers.
  2. Those orders are transmitted to Guardian Logistics.
  3. The orders are processed (or “fulfilled”) quickly and efficiently.