Commercial Warehouse & Storage in Raleigh, NC

Warehouse storage, a.k.a. your logistics warehouse, is an expense category that every business needs to carefully control. Once you’ve outgrown the garage and larger, self-managed short-term storage facilities, owning may seem like a necessary next step, but owning your own warehouse, staffing and administrating it can cost thousands of dollars–and require a substantial amount of startup cost and risk. Owning and managing your own warehouse also requires you to pay for full costs whether or not the space is fully occupied. Here’s a better option: Guardian Logistics Solutions.

You will get the same quality, commitment, and loyalty as if you owned the facility at far lower cost. We have made the capital investments in warehousing and storage facilities, and our clients “share” the use of the warehouse, staff and equipment—paying only for the portion they use when they use it.

Outsourcing your warehousing and distribution allows you to switch fixed costs into variable costs — you only pay for what you use.

With our own fleet and delivery agents working with our warehouse and order fulfillment department, faster, lower cost shipping to your customers becomes possible when you utilize our streamlined distribution network. We can reach North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina with same day and next day delivery at standard rates. And through our relationship with LTL and package shippers, we can manage your distribution to the vast majority of all other eastern states in two days. There are no long term contracts required and our fees are extremely competitive.

Guardian Logistics Solutions can pull, pack, label, assemble, or kit your orders quickly and accurately. We’re increasingly the top choice for warehousing and storage in the Raleigh NC area, and look forward to earning your trust, too.

For more information about how Guardian Logistics’ warehousing and storage facilities can help your business succeed, please contact us or for fastest service call: 919-246-8514.